Aidan- TVPS-4 Part Task Trainer (OT)
Aidan is a 10-year-old boy with autism spectrum disorder who is referred for an occupational therapy evaluation. You are assigned to complete the Test of Visual Perceptual Skills 4th Ed. (TVPS-4) with Aidan and report your findings. This simulation is presented in partnership with Academic Therapy Publications.
Recommended time for completion is 60 minutes.

Ed- Assessment (OT)
Ed is a 78-year-old-male who experienced a stroke and was recently discharged home. He previously received occupational therapy services in an inpatient rehabilitation setting, followed by subacute rehabilitation. Ed, his wife Yvonne, and an occupational therapist are involved in this simulation. You are the occupational therapist completing this home-based evaluation.
Recommended time for completion is 120 minutes.

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