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Use simulations to assess, complete diagnostic findings, make recommendations, and provide intervention for virtual patients.
There are four types of simulations to help improve your clinical skills and gain clinical experience.

Observation Videos

The patient video library includes a variety of engaging video clips that cover valuable topic areas in speech-language pathology.
Watch on demand and earn observation hours. For videos longer than 10 minutes, Interactive Mode—which presents questions that test your knowledge throughout the video—is available.

Explore new SLP videos and simulations.
Kariann- Counseling and Aural Rehabilitation
Kariann- Counseling and Aural Rehabilitation

Kariann is an 18-year-old who was diagnosed with cancer at age 12. Her subsequent chemotherapy caused bilateral hearing loss.

Otoscopy Pediatric- Part-Task Trainer (SLP)
Otoscopy Pediatric- Part-Task Trainer (SLP)

Otoscopy is a clinical procedure used to examine the external auditory canal, tympanic membrane, and middle ear. You are the speech-language pathology practitioner assigned to complete otoscopy for five pediatric patients at a community wellness event and report your findings to your supervising speech-language pathologist.
Recommended time for completion is 20 minutes.

What students are saying about Simucase

"Simucase is a great tool to help me make the transition from the classroom to clinical practice much easier."

-Kristy Williams, Midwestern University