The setting is virtual.
The patients and their stories are real.

A personalized learning platform to help you succeed

Simucase combines the power of simulation-based learning with a comprehensive patient video library. Our patented simulation technology allows users to observe, assess, diagnose, and provide intervention for virtual patients. This helps members master specific clinical skills, meet and evaluate clinical competencies, and practice interprofessional collaboration.

Expand your knowledge

Simucase offers videos for observation and interactive simulations for repeated practice.
A knowledge bank you can use to study and quiz yourself is coming soon!

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With the patented Simucase simulation technology, you can observe, assess, diagnose, make recommendations, and provide intervention for virtual patients.

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Observation Videos

The patient video library includes 400+ engaging video clips that cover 20 topic areas in speech-language pathology, occupational therapy, and audiology.

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Part-Task Trainers

Part-task trainer simulations allow the user to practice the specific skills that are required to perform a job competently.

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Knowledge Bank

Coming soon! Quiz yourself, build your knowledge, and test your competencies with our Q&A knowledge bank.

Embrace the power of simulation-based learning
Our library of virtual patients has been expertly designed to measure skills and enhance clinical competency.
Sign up and search hundreds of videos and simulations
Practice, receive feedback, and improve your skills
Meet standards of clinical practice
Creating connections. Inspiring confidence.
What students are saying about Simucase

"Simucase is a great tool to help me make the transition from the classroom to clinical practice much easier."

-Kristy Williams, Midwestern University