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Use simulations to gather information to provide appropriate care, perform radiographic examinations, and evaluate radiographic images for virtual patients.
There are two types of simulations to help improve your clinical skills and gain clinical experience.

Observation Videos

The patient video library includes a variety of engaging video clips that cover valuable topic areas in radiography.
Interactive Mode presents questions that test your knowledge throughout the video.

Explore new radiography videos and simulations.
Radiography Student Training- Introduction
Radiography Student Training- Introduction

Provides orientation to the Simucase platform, including scoring, feedback, and tips for successful engagement.

Suicide Screening and Assessment Part-Task Trainer
Suicide Screening and Assessment Part-Task Trainer

Suicide screenings and assessments allow providers to identify clients who may need further intervention to remain physically and psychologically safe. You are the provider assigned to complete a suicide screening and assessment for two clients and report your findings.

CONTENT WARNING: This simulation contains discussions of self-harm and suicidal ideation. Viewer discretion is advised.

What students are saying about Simucase

"Simucase is a great tool to help me make the transition from the classroom to clinical practice much easier."

- Kristy Williams, Midwestern University