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Use simulations to assess, complete diagnostic findings, make recommendations, and provide intervention for virtual patients.
There are four types of simulations to help improve your clinical skills and gain clinical experience.

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The patient video library includes a variety of engaging video clips that cover
valuable topic areas in occupational therapy. Watch on demand and earn observation hours.

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Group Therapy- Progressive Muscle Relaxation
Group Therapy- Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Two participants, Sebastian and Mark, who currently reside in a homeless shelter attend an occupational therapy group focused on stress management.

Stress Management Group
Stress Management Group

Sebastian and Mark are participants who attend a stress management group in the occupational therapy clinic within a homeless service agency. Both participants are currently homeless. You are the occupational therapy practitioner assigned to lead the group intervention session today.
The average time for mastery level competency for this simulation is 40 minutes.

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-Kristy Williams, Midwestern University