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Get to know Simucase

Learn about simulation types and get helpful hints for improving your performance.
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Learn how to use Simucase with this in-depth tutorial.
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Video Observation Library

Learn how to use our Video Observation Library.
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Assessment Tutorial

Overview of Assessment Case Type. Review the referral information. Complete the evaluation by making appropriate decisions in core areas.
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Intervention Tutorial

Overview of Intervention Case Type. Review the referral information and baseline data. Complete the treatment session, collect data, and report client progress.
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Part-Task Trainer Tutorial

Overview of Part-Task Trainer Case Type. Practice administering standardized assessment instruments and a variety of other skills.
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Simucase Scoring

Overview of Simucase scoring. Simucase scores decisions and rewards efforts with an overall competency rating ready for PDF export. There are multiple outcomes for each case, so repeating a case is recommended to improve problem-solving skills and scores.
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