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What's new with SimuCase?

Administer the CELF-5 Metalinguistics to John and Jeannie. Help Julie choose the best AAC device to meet her communication needs or administer the PPA Scale to two new clients, Lilly and Alexis.

"SimuCase is a great tool to help me make the transition from the classroom to clinical practice much easier."
— Kristy Williams, SLP Graduate Student, Midwestern University

Meet the Patients

Choose from a library of virtual case studies representing a variety of speech and language disorders. Each case is designed to challenge skills and competency in different areas of expertise. Cases are submitted by SLPs around the country and reviewed by experts in the field.

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Real Case Studies with Video Interviews

Virtual case studies allow practice in a safe, non-threatening environment and are intended to build knowledge, skills and professional judgement—qualities that contribute to successful, competent clinicians.


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