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How Simucase Works

Choose a case and review the referral information. Then complete the evaluation by making appropriate decisions in these core areas to complete clinical clock hours.

Scoring & Competency Rating

Simucase scores decisions and rewards efforts with an overall competency rating ready for PDF export. There are multiple outcomes for each case, so repeating a case is recommended to improve problem-solving skills and scores.

View Scoring Help Video for a closer look at understanding the process.

simucase results
Simucase Learning Features

Choose from Learning Mode or Assessment Mode. Learning Mode* adds live feedback features that reveal positive/negative actions and help users track their progress within each case. Once users are comfortable with a case, they can test their skills in Assessment Mode and instantly save the results.

Live Feedback

Users receive real-time positive/negative feedback in the form of pop-up messages based on their actions within each section.

Performance Meters

Each section has a unique performance meter that reveals how much of that section has been completed. Performance meters can go up or down depending on correct or incorrect decisions.

simucase case progress

Video Tutorials

In Learning Mode, each section has its own help tutorial video to guide users through the process when they need it. The help videos contain valuable information and helpful hints for completing each section successfully.

simucase video help

*Learning Mode only available in assessment cases

Interactive Clipboard

The resizable, interactive clipboard saves decisions for subsequent review and stores all the records of a virtual client. It appears on the right side of the screen and is easily detached, moved and resized.

simucase clipboards

Providing the Skills You Need to Help You Succeed

Simucase sets the standard in simulation education giving you the skills and clinical clock hours you need to excel in your field. Simucase is proud to partner with CALIPSO, the leading online application for tracking academic and clinical education. With the partnership benefit, you can document the KASA competencies that each case study meets by downloading a case template and importing it into your CALIPSO account. CALIPSO streamlines the management of academic and clinical education for over 100 schools specializing in speech-language pathology and audiology training programs.

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